Monday, May 21, 2012

Vogue 1209 Review...finally.

 Well, I'm finally getting around to this review. I've been absolutely swamped with rehearsals and let's be honest, catching up on the tv I missed when I was at rehearsals (it's how I decompress). I've also been sewing one of my costumes and working.

I had a chance to wear this dress again to the wedding of some great friends about a month and a half ago and took the time to get some pictures.

Here is my PR review:

Pattern Description:
MISSES' DRESS: Close-fitting, above mid-knee length, lined dress has front scoop and low back neckline, cap sleeves, front and back gathers underneath tabs, lower front detail seam, back peplum and side invisible zipper.

Pattern Sizing: 
Comes in sizes 4-18. My measurements are quite a bit off from the pattern envelope, but I held my breath and cut out a 10 which is my usual size in the top and sometimes bottom. It turns out Vogue lies, or the dress is very forgiving because I only had to make a few adjustments!! I sewed a size 10 with  minimal adjustments.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?yes

Were the instructions easy to follow?

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I like everything about it.

Fabric Used:
A tomato-red poly of some kind with an interesting faint stripe in the weave and a nice drape. I tried to find something that was crepe-esque.The lining was another poly of some kind with a slightly lighter weight. 

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
1. I took in the front 5/8" from either side which will keep it on my shoulders. I think is essentially a small bust adjustment.

2. I'm adding to the length about 2.5" plus hem allowance.

3. I added to the peplum length about 1 1/2". I was worried about the peplum not being in proportion with the added length, but it turned out great.

4. I let out the side seams about a 1/4 " on both sides at the waist tapering to nothing at the underarm and the hip. It was a tad snug, and I I wanted to be able to eat in it.

Would you sew it again? 
Would you recommend it to others?
It's pretty distinct. Never say never. If I found a beautiful patterned fabric, I might make it again. Maybe convert it to a top?? Who am I kidding? I have about a 1000 other projects that are in the cue before I ever get back to this one. 

I LOVE this dress. I was so pleased that it came together so well. There were a couple of tricky sewing moments attaching the lining to the facing on a curve, but beyond that, it was smooth sailing. The narrow hems are a little finicky and time-consuming, but they look so nice. I screwed up one in one place where I forgot to add to the length on the side pieces and had to pice on an extension, but with all of the other seaming on this dress, it's not a noticeable mistake. Also, this was another reason to practice inserting an invisible zip. 
One thing, you do have to wear bra converter straps to lower the back of your bra. 

Here are more pics: 

(yes, those stockings B and I made each other still haven't been taken down...
bra converter


  1. Oh, very nicely done and good advise about the bra- I kept reading it thinking, 'how low is the back? How low is the back?' Honey, you look great!!

  2. Great dress! I passed on this pattern when it came out but you are making me rethink my assessment. And thank you for the bra converter reference. I just modified a pattern because of the low V back neckline. Just a question, so you left on the straps of your bra? I'm not sure if the converter is meant to be used without the shoulder straps (as shown) and if that actually holds up!!!

    1. I didn't pick the best reference pick. You leave your straps on, just hook the extenders to the back enclosure, wrap it around and do it up in the front.

  3. Love this dress! Soooo cute!

  4. Beautiful dress! It looks so much better than the envelope pictures!

  5. Love this! I bought this pattern and was thinking I might leave off the back peplum as too twee, but yours is so cute that I am convinced I was wrong. The red color is perfect for you.

    "1. I took in the front 5/8" from either side which will keep it on my shoulders. I think is essentially a small bust adjustment."

    do you mean that you narrowed the neckline? Or took it in at the side seams. I have narrow shoulders and was curious if this was too wide at the neckline.

    1. Thanks Trena! My sister gave me a look like "really???" when she saw the pattern, and I'm not much of an 80's revivalist, but the peplum really adds something.

      Sorry, I was definitely not clear in my description of the alteration. I took the 5/8" in at the centre front seam (see musin here: It's not super clear in the pic of the front muslin but it's pinned down the front from the neck to the gathers. I have sloped shoulders too, and this was enough to keep it on. I've been meaning to add bra strap holders (is there a technical term for those? bra stays?), but I didn't give myself enough time to add them before I wore it the last time. I used little gold safety pins, and that ended any issues I had the first wear with the shoulders slipping.
      Hope that helps. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me.

  6. Love the dress and thanks re bra advice. I too was wondering.